Dr. Ronnie Hopson | Wellness Educator, Speaker & Advocate

Dr. Ronnie Hopson | Wellness Educator, Speaker & Advocate

Hello! I'm Ronnie,

Unapologetic advocate for authentic and abundant living.

My mission is to help you become ALL YOU were created to be — to inspire, educate and start fire-in-the-belly revolutions that lead to true liberation. 

This space is heart work; birthed from a place of healing and hope. I created this platform so that we can have honest conversations about what it means to live well and to share tools that you can immediately use to transform your life. Welcome!


So how did I get here? 

Several years ago, I was overwhelmed and chronically unhappy. I felt like a fraud —a failure. Everything hurt. EVERYTHING. My soul ached. Although I appeared successful, I was not well. 

A hard, honest and humbling look at my life was the first of many steps toward becoming all I was created to be. On this journey, I discovered my authentic self – and celebrated her! 

When will we celebrate YOU? I’ll bring the sparkling cider. Promise. 

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Wanna know more

I spent forever and a day in school and managed to earn a few degrees. The last two were a master’s in Health and Human Performance and a doctorate in Health Education. 

I am happily married (there's a difference) and a proud mommy. Dark chocolate covered almonds have a permanent place in my heart. Poetry is my protest and my pause.

Faith foundation, Christ.  I reject any religious doctrine that fails to lead with LOVE. My political view is simple, do something positive or be quiet. 

More importantly, I am woman on a mission to impact my world in a meaningful way. The one thing I know for sure is that each of us was created for a purpose — with a light and a voice that is uniquely ours. 

Still, so many of us have been conditioned to believe limiting falsehoods about who we were created to be. I am here to change that. 

So whether I'm delivering a keynote address, leading wellness workshops, coaching clients, consulting, designing inspirational tools or unleashing a poetic storm, I am guided by this core belief: 
When we stand in our authentic truth and tap into our Creator-given power we can not only discover but also fully embrace our Greatest Selves. 

 A life of authenticity and abundance awaits. Are you ready?